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Title: new
Post by: flower-power on 07:23, Mon 20 July 2009
Hy there, after long long researches i finally found my dream gtt in Itally and imported it to place where i live - Lithuania. So it would be nice to join your community ;)

ne project starting from this  - the begining

Post by: owe on 08:42, Mon 20 July 2009
welcome man, good luck with the project
Post by: sparkysparks on 23:23, Mon 20 July 2009
Welcome, whats the plans, thats a lovely looking 5
Post by: flower-power on 06:17, Tue 21 July 2009
it's lovely only in pic :D unfortunately engine is knocking alot from 2k rpm... :( first of all i have to find a reason... i hope to take the engine out next week...
Major jobs:

remove all seats and panels and carpet...
remove all old sound dedning and replace with a bit more of new one...
cover interior with alcantara...
roll cage...
sports seats (4 point's seat belt harnesses)
few gauges...

Repairing front bumper;
new wheels;
respraing (at the moment ideas about raw titanium color)
hid lights

Sort out that damn nocking;
new intercooler
new pipes
carb rejeting
285 camshaft
turbo restauration
anf everything else what need to do to reach 200-250bhp  :twisted:

and much much more minor jobs to do...