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Title: Hello from Essex
Post by: motoxer on 01:27, Mon 20 July 2009
Heya everyone.

I signed up on here agessss ago as ive allways loved R5's just never had the chance/money to own one.

Ive currently got a 1.8 16v Clio which im looking to sell/swap for an R5 that i can have off road as a bit of a long term project car.

Anyone else from around this area i dont see many 5's about ??
Post by: Bigfoot on 07:18, Mon 20 July 2009

What part of essex you from?
Post by: owe on 09:38, Mon 20 July 2009
seems to me that all the decent 5's are down south, i had to do a 400 mile round trip from wales to get mine lol
Post by: motoxer on 10:11, Mon 20 July 2009
Im from Rayleigh mate.
I hardly ever see an R5. See the odd one now and again down Southend but thats about it.
Post by: Bigfoot on 12:20, Mon 20 July 2009
I know of a couple down that way, not sure how regular they drive them though, im from Braintree area, quite a few up here as well, I drive mine the odd occasion, just need to sort out problems with it, like usual but its all fun. Maybe when I restore my other 5 it will be out a lot more as that will be my daily driver.
Post by: dave r5 on 17:41, Tue 21 July 2009
hey im from pitsea

mines in bits as usual too