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Title: thermostat
Post by: DanielSon-gtt on 11:24, Wed 15 July 2009
what degree is a low temp thermostat i took mine to see if i should get one and my says 83 is that a low one or is that standard
Post by: bernard on 11:52, Wed 15 July 2009
thats a low one, which I think is best suited.
Post by: DanielSon-gtt on 12:00, Wed 15 July 2009
cheers mate would it do any harm to take the thermostat out
Post by: owe on 13:33, Wed 15 July 2009
i dont think it will harm it by taking it out but ur car wont be as efficient, the whole idea of a thermostat is to keep ur car an its optimum working temp
Post by: James5 on 15:48, Wed 15 July 2009
I thought low was a 75
Post by: r5matt on 00:31, Thu 16 July 2009
o0o00  james you changed your name ! how did you do that :P
Post by: NaylsGTT on 10:22, Thu 16 July 2009
Dont take it out!!!!!!

the car needs to run hot not cold!

the low temp stat is 75
Post by: DanielSon-gtt on 17:14, Thu 16 July 2009
is yours a 75 mate