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Title: What is a Dose pipe??
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From what i can understand its just an amplifier to turbo chatter?
Is this right?

and for that matter, will chatter damage the turbo, there seems to be mixed ideas from it damaging the balance of the shaft to no not atall.
What ive read is that it will damage smallerand more fragile turbos like the T2 and ceramic turbos, but im fitting a Td04 (about T3 sized i think) will it damage that.

Post by: r5matt on 00:23, Wed 24 June 2009
ruhmer has it anything above a t4 u should use a re-circ ,
Post by: sparkysparks on 00:37, Wed 24 June 2009
is that because of overfueling risk because ive read that aswel?
Post by: 5teve L on 08:58, Wed 24 June 2009
Good luck with that TD04 mate, I take it thats from a uk spec scoob or similar ?
Compressor stall won't harm the unit either.. most cars run  with a recirc because the manufacturers think the noise would put of people or make people thing there is a problem..... so I heard anyway.
Post by: sparkysparks on 09:36, Wed 24 June 2009
Yeah thats the one. I can see why people would think it would damage the turbo, but if they were that fragile why would they make them.
But you do get turbos with lets say 'flexible' shafts. they cant all be down to oil starvation or similar
Post by: r5gttraider on 16:53, Wed 24 June 2009
r5's didnt come with dumpvalves,
so, if a 5 stayed standard all its life it would have had compresser surge from the day it left the factory, i think its the other way round, bigger turbos die quicker with compresser surge, dont forget they spin alot faster than a small t2
Post by: sparkysparks on 17:39, Wed 24 June 2009
Ah ok, i always thought they had some sort of re-circ as standard. Did they design it knowing it brakes turbos though and that it is a service part like a clutch or is it strong enough not to bother it?
Post by: Ash-Lee on 20:04, Wed 24 June 2009
Had a quick look at 'dose pipes'.

From what i can see it's nothing different, they just play with different pipe materials and diameters to change the sound of the turbo chatter.

The word 'dose' must just be a phrase they use to describe the sound.
Post by: sparkysparks on 20:10, Wed 24 June 2009
Yeah thats what i got, although i have never heard the sounds they make over here, only normal chatter really.
Post by: r5gttraider on 10:16, Thu 25 June 2009
so not beeing dumb but how the fook is the pipe making it louder, is it the fact the noise echos inthe pipe?