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Title: help
Post by: loz2ky on 15:03, Fri 19 June 2009
hi ok i have a r5 campus but the speakers are original and dont do any good so was looking to replace them with something that will make me bounce lol what speakers would be good but failry cheap am talking 60 at most and would i need anything like amps or subs or out like that i really am a novice so any help would be greatful cheers
Post by: r5gttraider on 16:08, Fri 19 June 2009
go to halfords there have something to suit
theres so many kinds and makes mate
Title: Re: help
Post by: olie_r5 on 22:52, Wed 25 November 2009
i agree, go to halfords, for sound i have 2 750 watt edge subs with 2 built in amps, 2 250 watt 6 x 9 parcel shelf speakers, alpine amplifier ( for 6 by 9's) 2 fli 300 watt rear door speakers and 2 alpine front door speakers LOL enough to rock the car
Title: Re: help
Post by: 5-Mission on 23:00, Wed 25 November 2009
Halfords prices are a bit on the steep side though. There's a company called which make components in all sizes such as 5.25" door speakers (think R5's have these?) which handle something stupid like 120watts RMS. Ridiculous for the size!
Also 250W RMS 6x9s. Prices are competitive as well.
Title: Re: help
Post by: r5gttraider on 15:51, Fri 27 November 2009
haven't stepped in to this forum for a very long time but have to comment on this...

there also the biggest pile of poo you will buy to. they blow up in matter of months then you get stuck with them aftyer being told "you must have turnt them up to much" which is bullsh!t as the sub does the talking and the speakers are purely mid and high, as bass is set at -8 and mid is -2 treble +3, so they talk utter crap, avoid

go to halfords there not expensive and in fact do very good deals