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Title: newbie from scotland
Post by: turbomad on 17:18, Thu 18 June 2009
hi joined cause im thinking of getting a r5 turbo next i currently own a citreon saxo vtr and a 106 xsi with a vtr engine and r6 carbs was just wandering if it if possible to run a 5 to work everyday without the hastle of head gaskets ect any info would be great cheers stefan
Post by: DanielSon-gtt on 17:50, Thu 18 June 2009
welcome mate yes you can run a 5 everyday as i use mine as a everyday runner without problems touch wood
headgaskets are not really a problem if your car is tunned properly and well maintained
Post by: turbomad on 18:03, Thu 18 June 2009
good to no i work in a garage so my cars are serviced every 3000 miles so running one should be fine :)
Post by: bazr5gtt on 09:37, Sat 20 June 2009
hi and welcome to the forum mate 8) where abouts in scotland are you from mate? i used to use mine as my daily driver no probs as daniel says as long as its looked after