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Title: new thermostat
Post by: on 21:20, Mon 25 May 2009
alright guys, i brought a new thermostat the other day, my cars never had one, so im not sure which way its meant to sit

also im not sure it works, ive put in water with boiling water, and cold water, but there's no noticeable difference, so does it open with the push of water when its in the pipe ????

thanks  :D
Post by: r5matt on 21:32, Mon 25 May 2009
mines been taken away its something id like to put back , so am interested to know to.
Post by: Ash-Lee on 00:48, Tue 26 May 2009
The 'pointy bit' faces the water pump.

It should open in boiling water, they don't open up much but you should see light around it.
Post by: r5gttraider on 01:21, Tue 26 May 2009
well depends if you have a normal or low temp one and also could be stuck, to unstick it slowly heat the copper part over a flame from the stove or a heat gun, it should slowly open, but if it dosnt work at 90*c again then its defently knacered but for 7.50 for a low temp one its hardly worth taking a chance
as the fan may run but a stuck thermostat will kill your enigne
thus why i dont run one,one less thing to worry about, and the thermostat will spend its life open 99% of the time on a 5 turbo in the summer, when colder weatehr arrives ill put it back in, but the turbo keeps things warm in the colling system via the water cooled part and the oil cooler in the rad