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Title: engine builds
Post by: ditchyboy on 20:27, Mon 25 May 2009
right then, say if i bought an engine in the near future whilst trying to find a gtt would it be possble to re-build it? what i mean is that i would be putting it back together and adding uprated / new parts but would have nothing to put it in. so i would not be able to test it until it was finished then it might have loads wrong with it. anyway to test along the way? would i need an engine stand and just out of interest where could i get one from and how much??
Post by: r5matt on 20:50, Mon 25 May 2009
pot luck, companys probs would test it , would take time to actually locate one , and they wouldnt insure it, cost loadsa money to, probs 5x times your engine lol
Post by: ditchyboy on 21:04, Mon 25 May 2009
sorry what do you mean? who wouldnt insire what? and difficult to locate what? sorry probs just me not reading it properly cheers
Post by: r5matt on 21:17, Mon 25 May 2009
liability insurance, they wont offer you insurance, to cover any damages to the engine ,ie      they test it , it goes bang , not there fault with me?
 and to find a company that offer engine testing would be hard to find
Post by: ditchyboy on 21:29, Mon 25 May 2009
yep get you now pal! sorry for being slow the first time!!
Post by: r5gttraider on 01:35, Tue 26 May 2009
id say if its good parts and put together properly it should be fine, bar the carb it should run perfectly, i see were you may get things wrong but if you done it before, which im guessing you have then there wont be any reason why you couldnt, tho you may fail to have enhusiasm along the way with no body work to play with when you are waiting for engine parts, or a tool you may have to buy online,