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Title: 300zx??
Post by: sparkysparks on 12:43, Thu 07 May 2009
Has anyone on here owned one, ive always loved them and plan on getting one next year,
Its goin to be my next adventure i think, moving onto bigger, but not neccessarily better things :D
Ive heard they're a total bitch to maintain, ie cambelts are a near engine bay stripdown.
Post by: LEE on 13:28, Thu 07 May 2009
They are a pig to work on under the bonnet. I had a look at one under the bonet at a garage where it needed a new cam follower and half the engine had to come out. I take it you mean the twin turbo.


Ive always liked the look of them in standard from without silly body kits !!
Post by: sparkysparks on 15:14, Thu 07 May 2009
yeah short wheel base twin turbo, love em, no bodykits, factory standard with stupid power, the way it should be.
Thing is you can get them quite cheap, almost R5 cheap, and i can get insured now.
Post by: dikky on 18:08, Thu 07 May 2009
take it from a nissan car sales guy, they are big powerfull and complecated!!!!! i rekon if u dropped a bag of peanuts on a open engine bay not one would reach the floor!!! awsum looking and sounding car tho. id recommend a r32 gts-t for same money tho. insurace may b more instead tho
Post by: sparkysparks on 22:26, Thu 07 May 2009
nice expression :D
i tried all the usuals, celica gt4, 200sx, skylines, scoobys, the lot and the 300zx was the only one that gave me a decent enough quote to go for it, the 200sx and gt4 were about the same, but i just love them. ice white :D
Post by: dikky on 22:43, Thu 07 May 2009
i had a s13 200sx. absolute filth. came to realise tho drifting is fun but it shudnt be a mode of transport lol. going 2 ur nans lukkin outa ur side window is fun if u wanna die younger than a thai boy living in gary glitters closet
Post by: sparkysparks on 01:33, Fri 08 May 2009
you see i got my beemer for some sideways fun, its not to powerful that it will just kick out in the dry, but its a hoot in the wet.
Title: Re: 300zx??
Post by: stevegtt on 10:03, Mon 13 May 2013
I had one best car IV had but are a pig to work on but finding a good one is hard. There have loads of power when you want it and sideways is very easy in them
Title: Re: 300zx??
Post by: sparkysparks on 12:16, Mon 13 May 2013
Whoa, thread bump :)
Actually got myself one now and its also for sale. I havnt found it to hard to work on really, although ive not had to rebuild the engine like a 5  :lol: