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Title: Have i done the right thing???
Post by: gaz on 02:56, Sun 03 May 2009
Oh well sold my 5 today... starting to regret it now!!! :(
Post by: cavsri130 on 06:55, Sun 03 May 2009
that will be a no then!! i did the same thing with my last white one, the guy hadnt even drove it 100yards and i was like "im a fudge for selling that" and wached it till it went out of sight.
only plus side for you is there is plenty choice down your way and there are not many up here.
hope you get another one soon bud
Post by: bazr5gtt on 18:40, Sun 03 May 2009
ah well just go and buy another and make yourself feel better :lol:
Post by: gaz on 23:57, Mon 04 May 2009
maybe 1day? :D
Post by: dikky on 10:56, Tue 05 May 2009
i have done that 2 years ago. i bought 1 again. its like heroin. the 5s r dirty but when u start u aint givin them up untill ul sell ur nan 4 a fix!!!
Post by: r5matt on 23:09, Tue 05 May 2009
ive driven 5's since ive been driving ,...........  i actually dont fink i could cope with out one ...