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Title: anyone heard from bob latley (CGB)
Post by: on 20:12, Wed 29 April 2009
alright guys, i brought a few things from bob at cgb a while ago, he said it would take about 4 weeks for the parts to come in,

he emailed me to say they had arrived and would be at mine by Thursday, i got the parts Thursday and when i opened the box the main bit i ordered wasn't there but instead a exhaust manifold

i emailed bob straight away and waited till Monday, and then emailed him again, but still no reply,

dose anyone no if he has gone on holiday or any thing else ?? im not complaining as he always provides a good reliable service just wondering as i either need the bits or the money pretty soonish

thanks  :)
Post by: Mattuce on 21:07, Wed 29 April 2009
Call him?

Might just be very busy?
Post by: Ash-Lee on 22:32, Wed 29 April 2009
He is very busy, i know he doesn't always get chance to reply to emails.

You will be better off phoning him. As far as i'm aware he isn't on holiday.
Post by: on 05:32, Thu 30 April 2009
ok cool, thanks guys
Post by: 5teve L on 09:46, Thu 30 April 2009
Ring mate, it's easier.

You can try PM on here as he does pop on the site as well.
Post by: Ash-Lee on 16:45, Thu 30 April 2009
Just been on the phone to him so he's definately there. :D