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Title: morett twin headlamps
Post by: on 20:56, Thu 23 April 2009
alright guys, ive recently brought a set of new head lights and not sure how to fit them, the standard ones i took out wernt connected and i dont have much to go on,

could any one plz help me out with a diagram or picture of there own,

thanks allot  :D
Post by: davesgtt,s on 23:10, Thu 23 April 2009
fancy selling
Post by: James5 on 23:14, Thu 23 April 2009
I have the instructions somewhere I will dig it out and post it later, i take it you got the loom woth the morette aswell?
Post by: on 16:58, Fri 24 April 2009
yeh thats the bits im confused with  :oops:  (what goes where)