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Title: fao: Antj2k9. PLEASE READ
Post by: r5gttraider on 14:31, Sat 18 April 2009
hi mate wondered what happened friday evening, i was heavily relying on you turning up.

your not awnsering you phone, was turnt of all friday night. no reply to txts

then you end my call today after 2-3 rings then the 2-3rd time i ring it goes to awnser phone so i know your there.

whats the point realy..

i was depending on your say so that you needed to pass sevenoaks any way

well what ever was the problem of not comming down a pm or txt would have suficed

if i can still come and get it then id be happy to
Post by: 5-Mission on 15:09, Sat 18 April 2009
He didn't get back to me either about coming to Maidstone with a rear axle.. don't think he's been on here since about Thursday
Post by: r5gttraider on 15:10, Sat 18 April 2009
still hes phone rings why cant he awnser

ok if some thing seriuos has happened ill aplogise but a txt or pm or awnser the phone

ethier way its fucked me over for this weekend i had important stuff to do today and tomorrow
Post by: 5-Mission on 15:18, Sat 18 April 2009
I know. It's shit when you don't know what's going on.. should stick to it or inform them otherwise if you arrange something with someone.
Post by: antj2k9 on 15:39, Sat 25 April 2009
sorry you two as matt knows i has a major absis in my mouth last week so was layed up in bed suffering with that and up a&e twice, i managed to sort matt out before i went to france lastweek, but ill be back monday 27th so will be able to sort the axle out for you then 5-mission if you still need it, i am sorry for messing you around i wouldnt normaly do it as hate being messed around myself, didnt even get to go to the ace cafe last weekend either witch i was gutted about, once again sorry pal
Post by: r5gttraider on 16:38, Sat 25 April 2009
na thats kool dude make sure u bring bad fags n tabbacoo lol