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Title: so i just filled my header tank
Post by: on 19:36, Mon 13 April 2009
alright guys, just got back from the dam  8)  was pritty buzzin at the fact that i shoulda have had my 5 on the road today aswell,

day started out by me realizing the fact i had put my seats in the wrong way, and later i filled my header tank full of water (for now) only to find after a hefty munch my passengers side foot well was wet though,

have i over filled / done some thing wrong, or is my heating block just leaking ???

nice one for the time  :D
Post by: r5gtt08 on 21:39, Mon 13 April 2009
sounds to me like your heater matrix is leaking matey
Post by: Bigfoot on 22:57, Mon 13 April 2009
Smell the liquid, you could either have the heater matrix leaking, or that you got rain water coming in. If its heater matrix you can have the fun of replacing of as a lot of people do as its gradually getting warmer weather just connect the hoses together in the engine bay and by-pass the matrix.
Post by: on 05:48, Tue 14 April 2009
deffo no the rain water, dident no u could bypass the matrix, but will deffo do that,

 nice one :D:D
Post by: 5teve L on 08:59, Tue 14 April 2009
Yes you can but it won't help in the wet when it steams up :(

Also it's a right PITA to change the matrix :(
Post by: fishead on 08:59, Tue 14 April 2009
then, when next winter comes and your sat outside replacing the matrix in the cold and rain, because its not nice driving a car with no heater in winter.   make sure you remind yourself that you couldve replaced it in the warm sun but it was easier at the time to bypass it
Post by: r5gttraider on 10:45, Tue 14 April 2009
i agree ^

its things like this that bite u in the arse, or by the tme you relise youve skipped most probs there there all at once asking for money and it seems pointless, so then for people with not so deep pockets give up!

by all means by pass the heater matrix,
1. to stop the leak if its the matrix
2 to find out if it is indeed the matrix,

then buy a s/h one and when the suns out in a few weeks or days then change it.

mines only blowing cold out the vents, but warm down underneth!!
Post by: Bigfoot on 10:54, Tue 14 April 2009
centre vents only blow cold air anyway. the side ones blow hot air.
Post by: r5gttraider on 10:55, Tue 14 April 2009
ah ok then lol

tho my dial wont go to front demister, another job for the list lol
Post by: fishead on 11:09, Tue 14 April 2009
buy a s/h one ? really ?

get a new one, do the job properly an do it once. or fuck about with shit, it'll possibly take 3 times as long an cost 3 times as much in the long run
Post by: r5gttraider on 11:44, Tue 14 April 2009
well i am sorry, a new one then what are they few hundred??

if you have a non leaking good condition one surely thats as good as a new one on cost basis
Post by: Bigfoot on 12:10, Tue 14 April 2009
Not sure how it will take longer to fit the exact item, but your running the risk of it splitting again with a second hand one. Not that easy to remove and replace so putting a brand new one will more than likely last a lot longer than the old one. Cost wise is not that expensive really. Plus how many people have second hand ones. Oh yeah I got the complete unit sitting spare in my car :)
Post by: r5gtt08 on 12:12, Tue 14 April 2009
a brand new heater matrix is 40 from eurocarparts and 35 from gsf :wink:
Post by: r5gttraider on 12:12, Tue 14 April 2009
but you couldnt possibly sell your second hand unit could you?

didnt relise they were relivty cheap new
Post by: Bigfoot on 12:19, Tue 14 April 2009
I will try selling snow to the eskimos if I could. Its all space and im not needing it the items. You will soon realise when you collect the parts off me this weekend.
Post by: r5gttraider on 12:24, Tue 14 April 2009
haha , i was only saying as a s/h unit was told to be useless
Post by: Bigfoot on 12:42, Tue 14 April 2009
yes the heater matrix part there is no point selling s/h what I have is the complete plastic box with the heater matrix inside.
Post by: on 19:27, Tue 14 April 2009
sweeet, nice one, just a pain in the asss, cos its taken me a fair wack of my spear time to get all the dash back in, and was thinking about having my car sprayed (again) befor it gets shitty for the winter, when  i get it done u rekon the sprayer would let me put the new one in (should do shouldn't he)

nice one guys