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Title: 800 miles in my trusty 5
Post by: antj2k9 on 01:27, Tue 07 April 2009
rite now ive found out i do still have a licesce my plans to take my 5 to my farther in laws in the south of france are back on im book for a ferry to calais on the 20th then got a 800mile trip across france to get there, the plan is to restore my 5 back to showroom condition as my farther inlaws done with a few classic cars but ive got to get it there first lol

 whats the longest run anyones took there 5 on? my 5 seams to love motorways temp sits at 1/4 but never run it for 7-8 hours straight going to service it before change coolent ect and probley turn the boost rite down

dose everyone use renault coolent or just water in there 5's?
Post by: Ash-Lee on 07:51, Tue 07 April 2009
Never use just water, this will corrode the inside of the engine and radiator.

Any decent coolant should be ok, doesn't have to be Renaults.

I've driven mine for hours on end without any issues, maybe carry essentials like car jack and wheel brace, also might be worth carrying some basic tools and a spare drivebelt, they have a habit of pinging off without warning.
Post by: antj2k9 on 10:38, Tue 07 April 2009
yer got a space saver, jack, brace and a few tools to take with me ill pick up another drive belt today aswell and just pray i dont break down lol going to be doing most the driving through the night so car should run alot cooler then doing it in the day coz its ment to be around 30c out there already,

 plan is to go to this frence proformance show at the acecafe on the 20th if anyone else is going then leave from there to dover for my 3am ferrie
Post by: JK on 18:46, Thu 09 April 2009
been to dorset and back in mine in the same day which is about 3 hours each way from where i live, was all good :)
Post by: Bigfoot on 19:14, Thu 09 April 2009
7-8 hours to do 800 miles :lol: think you might want to take it easier than that
Post by: antj2k9 on 15:45, Sat 25 April 2009
well my 5 made the 750mile trip to the south of frace last week but had alod of problums along the way, first off my starter motor give up wile i was still in the uk also my tank was leaking when i filled it to the brim, i managed to smash my grill lol and my master cylinder started leaking wile i was in france and was emptying the fluid tank in about 2hours, seamed the car really didnt want to go lol but its here now so the work can start
Post by: antj2k9 on 15:46, Sat 25 April 2009
and ended up taking 12 hours
Post by: JK on 17:12, Thu 30 April 2009
12 hours! problems along the way but i bet your happy its there now. i love long journeys in a 5:)