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Title: self tappers
Post by: on 22:42, Tue 31 March 2009
while i was screwing a screw into the bulk head it went wrong and i made the hole bigger, i was hopeing a self tapping screw would sort this out,

could any one point me in the right direction as to where i might get them from? ???

nice one safe  :D
Post by: scratcher on 19:09, Wed 01 April 2009
Any good builders merchants will do them.
Or screw fix are good. I've found your nearest one :) ... id=2100003 (
Post by: on 19:11, Wed 01 April 2009
safe, i feel like a compleat dick head now, i thought they were some special screws but they pritty much normal ones, sorry to waste a post, nice one scratcher and thanks for the time :D
Post by: scratcher on 19:21, Wed 01 April 2009
No probs buddy.
Screwfix are great for automotive bits too. It's like an Argos for tools and stuff :)
I love tools, haha.
Post by: on 22:03, Wed 01 April 2009
my 5 is my first proper car, i dont really and never really have had much to do with cars and stuff only engines i deal with is with the big ride on lawn mowers and stuff