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Title: T25
Post by: DanielSon-gtt on 21:36, Thu 26 March 2009
thanks to the turbo list (cr turbos)and 5teve my car goes like
the clappers if anybody is looking on getting a new turbo look on the turbo list(sticky) in the items for sale section
i recomend what was recomended to me the garrett t25 with a .47 rear housing for fast road im running 14psi at the moment till my jets arrive and every time i go out in it i got a constant smile :lol:
money well spent
Post by: bernard on 21:58, Thu 26 March 2009
I have the same turbo im running 20psi carb top, Im really pleased with it to.
Post by: Fidos Raider on 23:08, Thu 26 March 2009
Had that turbo now got a bigger one for the same price from crturbos.
Really good company
Post by: gjb0535 on 17:42, Sat 28 March 2009
Ive got same turbo. At 18psi manifold it goes really well.