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Title: my clio gtt (first reported one in th uk)
Post by: r5_clio on 18:32, Sun 22 March 2009
here we have my very special mk1 clio, it was first registered in 1996 and it started off life as a standard 1.4 rt,until it got into the hands of torsion tuning. they waned to do something original so they put a r5 turbo lump in it, which at this point in 2001 had never been done before and i still have the magazine with it in, it has obviously changed a bit over the years but i have traced it back by matching chassis numbers and it is tht exact one.


r5 gt turbo engine pushing 190- 200bhp
hoses replaced with blue samco ones
green cone air filter
oil breather off swirl pot
re-located battery
t25/t25 turbo boosting 20psi
group A carb
front mount intercooler
seperate oil cooler

transmission, braking and suspension

rsi vented and groved brakes on front
rsi rear beam to allow rear discs
braided brake lines
r5 gearbox and driveshafts
vaelo racing clutch
slammed on avo height adjustable coilovers


full r5 clocks
5 extra gauges
recaro bucket seats
snap off steering wheel
blitz turbo timer
rear of car gutted and carpeted


flipout headunit
10 disc cd changer
10" twin minisub
1000w amp
6x9s in custom boxes powered by a 500w amp


custom front bumper to allow intercooler and oil cooler
16v front wings
16v bonnet
single wiper conversion
morrette twin headlamp conversion
k-tec side exit exhaust
slammed 60 mm
deep dish 5 spoke lenso alloys
rsi rear spoiler
Post by: blueredblue2008 on 18:39, Sun 22 March 2009
get sum pics up then lad for all to see :lol:  :lol:  :lol:
Post by: r5gtt08 on 18:46, Sun 22 March 2009
yeah get sum pics up sounds interesting this thread :wink:
Post by: r5_clio on 19:51, Sun 22 March 2009
how do i get em up boys? it keeps sayin bout a url,im petty computer illiterate lol
Post by: owe on 19:56, Sun 22 March 2009
u need to make an account with photobucket upload ur pics to there them use the [img] links to display them on here
Title: pics
Post by: r5_clio on 20:19, Sun 22 March 2009


Post by: blueredblue2008 on 21:30, Sun 22 March 2009
nice so far we want more  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:
Post by: r5gtt08 on 23:12, Sun 22 March 2009
looks like a canny little motor that like bud :wink:
Post by: DanielSon-gtt on 13:53, Mon 23 March 2009
ive seen you in weston before
or the previous owner how long have you had it mate
Post by: r5_clio on 15:32, Mon 23 March 2009
just over a year, da previous owner lived in worcester so doubt it was him bud lol
Post by: DanielSon-gtt on 19:57, Mon 23 March 2009
oviasly not then  :lol: