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Title: hi
Post by: r5_clio on 15:51, Sat 21 March 2009
hi every1, im new to the site,i have a mk1 clio with a 5 turbo in it pushing around 200bhp
Post by: owe on 16:07, Sat 21 March 2009
welcome to forum, you gona get some pics up?
Post by: r5_clio on 11:20, Sun 22 March 2009
yh definatley m8
Post by: r5gtt08 on 12:35, Sun 22 March 2009
hi matey and welcome to the forum  :wink:  :lol:

what spec are ya running on your clio?
Post by: cavsri130 on 17:02, Sun 22 March 2009
welcome in bud, im building a clio gt turbo at the moment, thats 4 of us on here with clio turbos i think. looking forward to seeing the pics
Post by: Fidos Raider on 21:01, Sun 22 March 2009
Clio turbo good move mate