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Title: Fuel Pump Relay
Post by: on 19:30, Sun 15 March 2009
alright guys, i was changing my Fuel Pump Relay for a new one, and wasn't quite sure where it was located, i found what i thought was the old one, just on the passenger side, next to the fuse box, but the original one is completely different to the new one just wanna make sure that im looking at the fuel pump and not summing else

nice one guys, safe
Post by: James5 on 22:38, Sun 15 March 2009
This is what the GTT fuel pump relay looks like matey
Post by: on 23:16, Sun 15 March 2009
spot on, i no it was a proper dildo question - i did try to look on cgb.

but those close up pictures do the job nice one dude :D
Post by: smithsgtt on 23:17, Sun 15 March 2009
just emil cgb on here will be quicker mate
Post by: on 23:40, Sun 15 March 2009
i order a lod af stuff off there early last week, and emailed bob about one of the back window fittings, but i haven't had any replie, i assumed he was on holiday or just uber bisy, and dident really want to pester him  :oops:  unless any one nos any thing different

sorry for the constant noobish questions, thanks for the help
Post by: r5gtt08 on 23:42, Sun 15 March 2009
he on here now so send him a pm bud or phone him on monday
Post by: r5gtt08 on 23:43, Sun 15 March 2009
heres the number bud  01952 618419 bob
Post by: on 23:43, Sun 15 March 2009
am i allowed to ask what his name on yer is ??
Post by: r5gtt08 on 23:45, Sun 15 March 2009
on here he is called cgb m_sport
Post by: on 23:48, Sun 15 March 2009
oh - sorry  :oops:  (i feel like this thread has done me no justice) thanks guys  ill get on the case now

saaaaaaaaaaaaafe :D
Post by: r5gtt08 on 23:49, Sun 15 March 2009
no worries bud  :wink:  :lol:
Post by: on 20:28, Thu 19 March 2009
i think i found whats wrong wit the fuel pump - at some point in the cars life the block has over loaded and one of the wires has cooked its self and melted, it goes all the way back into the loom into a connector block of about 10 different wires, the melted wire is pritty shagged, gunna have to do a bit of surgery on it

ill post some pictures ina min
Post by: on 21:18, Thu 19 March 2009