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Title: The worse FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Post by: Fidos Raider on 19:26, Mon 09 March 2009
Found this on another site im thinking of taking my car to honda (
Post by: LEE on 19:29, Mon 09 March 2009
Cant see anything
Post by: Fidos Raider on 19:51, Mon 09 March 2009
Put link up now sorry
Post by: bernard on 20:05, Mon 09 March 2009
Thats been about for ages funny though  :lol:
Post by: owe on 20:54, Mon 09 March 2009
thats quality, i never knew porting an polishing was so easy lol
Post by: on 21:20, Mon 09 March 2009
guys, ive been trying to get my car clean enough for concorse, so i been mixing bleach, cilit bang and some fairy liquid ina massive 3 liter bottle of water, filling my tank up with it and cranking it over, im sure my pipes and pumps are clean but can any one tell me why my car wont start ??? :twisted:
Post by: sparkysparks on 23:46, Mon 09 March 2009
OH MY GOD! how did someone with that few brain cells even manage to learn to drive...

Just seen its a joke  :oops:
Post by: GTTboost on 13:38, Tue 10 March 2009
That was a good joke...  the reaction he got afterwards really had people going, worked a treat!  :D
Post by: gaz on 20:49, Tue 10 March 2009
Haaaa thats funny... how can people be so stupid??? lmao
Post by: 5-Mission on 22:45, Fri 01 May 2009
Had people going - rarely is anyone THAT stupid!
This was my favourite reply: RE: Hey guys, please help with my mods gone wrong...


wow u got 25lb of sand in ur engine and it's still running? now that is a maricle. dude u don't belong anywhere near a car. go get a vehicle that has no engine, put ur feet through the floor board and start running. wow man u need sum1 to hit u upside the head with a crowbar