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Title: phase 2 turbo
Post by: carlg on 22:03, Tue 24 February 2009
hello all. first time in a forum. I've got a phase 2 gt turbo with some mods that i brought in august.
Post by: r5gtt08 on 09:07, Wed 25 February 2009
welcome to the forum budy :wink:

any pics of your car matey :lol:  and any plans for it!
Title: picture
Post by: carlg on 20:57, Wed 25 February 2009
hi, not sure how to get the picture on. Any ideas???
Post by: 5teve L on 22:04, Wed 25 February 2009
I use ( welcome aboard as well :)
Title: thanks
Post by: carlg on 23:06, Wed 25 February 2009
thnks but still cant get a picture of my car on the site.  hlp!

this is my 2nd 5 turbo. I've had a white phase 2 h plate for 10 yrs, stored for the last 4 years.

Was looking on ebay for bits when i saw another for sale that was on the the cover of redline in 2005(i think). brought it on the spare of the moment. got loads of mods ( other one std ish). needs some work. mainly setting up and cosmetic.
Post by: r5gtt08 on 09:45, Thu 26 February 2009
to upload the pics from photobucket scroll the mouse cursor over the picture and then a box will appear at the bottem of the pic, then at the bottom of the box u will see IMG and highlight this and copy it to where u write your replie on here

hope this is any help
Post by: smithsgtt on 11:14, Thu 26 February 2009
hi and welcome to the forum
Title: picture
Post by: carlg on 20:34, Sun 01 March 2009

thank you all for your help .  Only got one picture on my mobile. Car is now in a relatives garage.
Post by: owe on 21:19, Sun 01 March 2009
has that car got an air filter sticking out the wing??
Post by: carlg on 21:26, Sun 01 March 2009
it has yes. I think it was from near you
Post by: owe on 21:36, Sun 01 March 2009
no way lol, i use to drool over that car on my way to school lol, i remember it wen it was just a tungy before he did all the work aswell. he took me an my mate for a spin in it was seriously rapid lol.
Post by: carlg on 21:53, Sun 01 March 2009
cool. it needs some work, but its goes well.