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Title: understanding turbos
Post by: jonnyshaw49 on 16:56, Tue 24 February 2009
hi please could some one explain to me please about turbos i just cant get my head round them is garrett a company that makes the turbos because most turbos say garrett on them or is that just the housing. also what is airesearch?? as some turbos just say airesearch and some say just garrett and some say both on them. also what is the a/r on the turbo for instance what does a/r 48 m27 mean??is a/r one of the sizes for the rear or something. on the t25 turbos for sale on here it says it has a 49 rear but has a/r 48 stamped on it. please help lol im baffled
Post by: owe on 17:53, Tue 24 February 2009
m27 is the type of material used for the housing so doesnt really have any thing to do with wot its capable of an this shud tell u everything else ... enter.html (
Post by: sonic-jdm on 19:59, Tue 24 February 2009
Have a look on youtube. there is loads of videos on there showing you how they work :wink:
Post by: Ash-Lee on 20:20, Tue 24 February 2009
It will have .49 stamped on the rear but the front is measured in the same way as well. Which if i remember on the T25, is in fact .48. I only know that there measured in that way, not sure how or why i haven't thought that much into it to be honest.

Garrett is short for Garrett AiResearch, i think they started out making turbochargers for aerospace applications.

More information can probably be found in Wikipedia no doubt.
Post by: owe on 20:29, Tue 24 February 2009 ... 102.html#b (

thats the bit that explains a/r's