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Title: GTT to Campus conversion
Post by: RS_GTT on 00:30, Tue 27 January 2009
I've come to the decision that I will buy a tungy GTT and remove the engine and put a non turbo campus 1.4 engine in to keep the insurance down (as much as possible anyway),

My problems are:-
With it being Registered as a GT Turbo, what will happen in terms of insurance? (I will of course change the engine on the log book)

Will it lower my insurance at all with it being a modified GT Turbo even though I would be putting a less powerful engine in it?

Any help is greatly appreciated, if anyone has experience with this.
Post by: 5teve L on 08:29, Tue 27 January 2009
The only thing to do is to ring some ins companies & ask, start with HIC, then adrian flux then move onto performance direct.... if you were over 25 i'd have sugested you try a classic policy but i take it that you aren't.
Post by: RS_GTT on 13:23, Tue 27 January 2009
thanks steve!
Found the quote I was after and was surprised!!
For a first car, a 2000 GT turbo with a 1.4 campus Prima engine would only cost me 1100 a year!!! am overjoyed.
Im guessing I can get that down by buying a less expensive GTT though.
Quotes elswhere on a standard Campus were about 700-800 and I'd guess that'd go up if I modified it to look like a GTT.
 :D  :D
Post by: turbodave on 18:00, Tue 27 January 2009
why not buy acampus and put gtt bodykit on
Post by: RS_GTT on 19:31, Tue 27 January 2009
Quote from: "turbodave"
why not buy acampus and put gtt bodykit on

I love the R5 GTT and just want to own one, I figured the premium with a modded Campus would be just as expensive after I tell them it's got the GTT rear axle, alloys, bodykit, interior etc.. it made sense to find a nice nick GTT and put a campus engine in until I can afford the maintenance and higher insurance.
It just so happened I enquired and landed up getting a quote which I was happy with, still gonna try and squeeze the last few quid when it comes to the crunch.
I got quoted 750 odd for the campus 1.4 as standard, if I told them about all the mods done to it, some don't want to know and the others bump it up to well over 1000.
Post by: pebbles on 19:32, Tue 27 January 2009
Quote from: "turbodave"
why not buy acampus and put gtt bodykit on

makes more sense!  :idea:
Post by: RS_GTT on 20:58, Tue 27 January 2009
Would anyone know how difficult it would be to change the engine to a campus 1.4?  I'm aware the engine subframes are different but what's the reality of this job?
I'd need a:-
R5 Campus 1.4 engine and loom
R5 Campus front subframe
R5 Campus Gearbox
R5 Campus Exhaust

I'm sure some may be thinking im a fool but I would always intend on reinstalling the Turbo engine etc..when I can afford it. Maintaining a GT turbo + the insurance premium is a no-no right now.

Anything else I need to be aware of so that I can prepare? Thanks

(Sorry for posting in wrong section/ can this thread be moved please, I didnt mean to post the technical problems but Im sure members dont want a duplicate thread too)
Post by: James5 on 21:07, Tue 27 January 2009
You could prob keep the gtt exhaust but use a campus downpipe mated up :D
Post by: BriC on 13:22, Wed 28 January 2009
That's a good quote :)

I'd do it. It would be very easy to do, if you're handy with a spanner. The exaust off a GTT will do fine, as James says, also the gearbox will be fine. You would want to keep the gearbox, so you can keep the GTT clocks (as the speedo pickup is mechanical on the campus, and electric on the GTT) and the subframe on the campus and GTT are the same, just the GTT has a gearbox stabiliser (sp), which is just bolted on anyway.

My dad and me have removed / swapped a few engines from 5's and I can honestly say it's not a killer job :)

What I would do TBH, is buy your GTT as you plan, then buy a whole campus (maybe a runner but failed MOT on rust / suspension or something?) for like.. 150, then you have everything you need, and also, you can use it as a reference point (i.e, checking whether bits and bobs are the same, or if you need something you had totally forgotten about), then when you're done, strip the campus for spares. I did something similar and ended up making a proffit, even though I kept the engine!

Wow.. that was an essay.

PM me if you need any advice / help.
Post by: RS_GTT on 13:43, Wed 28 January 2009
awesome, thanks very much for that, I wasnt sure about the gear box etc myself, clears a few things up  :D