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Title: Cant believe I was so stoopid
Post by: axnutty on 20:16, Sun 25 January 2009




Ive just got a lambda plug and threaded hole and welded them to my downpipe so I can future proof it for running a wide band/

Then realised that the connection flanges are both at one end and obviously wont slide over plug.

Nuts to it all im going for a beer and curry. Sod the stupid car.
Post by: JK on 20:54, Sun 25 January 2009
im on the beer, always helps... well that and the mrs  :)
Post by: gjb0535 on 22:03, Sun 25 January 2009
I done the same you are not alone.

I used a grinder to remove the bung from the pipe, cleaned everthing up slid the flange back to the correct end of pipe and re welded the bung on to the pipe.

I didnt want to tell anyone as I felt a right twat.

I now feel better.