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Title: eoey's r5 raider
Post by: eoey on 12:16, Fri 23 January 2009
heres a few pics will put up a project at a later stage

new rear bumper and grill are being sprayed now  (standard)




Post by: Mattuce on 12:54, Fri 23 January 2009
Looks good!

Clio 172/182 alloys?
Post by: Fidos Raider on 13:17, Fri 23 January 2009
Your raider looks spotless mate.
Their the wheels i want for mine but im going to paint them white
Keep up the good work mate
Post by: JK on 13:39, Fri 23 January 2009
reallly clean raider, good stuff, the wheels look good :)
Post by: frix on 14:01, Fri 23 January 2009
Quote from: "Mattuce"
Looks good!

Clio 172/182 alloys?

very nice car mate!  :D

whats involved in fitting these alloys, do they bolt straight on, any arch mods needed??
Post by: eoey on 14:24, Fri 23 January 2009
thanks for the comments guys

@frix they bolt straight on i have 5mm spacer aswell still rub at full lock and if you give people the privalge of your rear seats
Post by: Dave on 21:15, Fri 23 January 2009
Nice 5 mate she looks the nuts  8)
Post by: bazr5gtt on 21:45, Fri 23 January 2009
that looks one mighty fine 5 you got there mate 8)
Post by: r5gtt08 on 22:39, Fri 23 January 2009
very shiny lol it like a fookin mirror haha :lol:

any engine mods/pics m8y :lol:
Post by: Theros on 12:14, Sat 24 January 2009
It looks good!  :D

What kind of plans you have for future?
Post by: eoey on 17:09, Sat 24 January 2009
mainly my plans for it are to have it as a weekend back road warrior/rare track day weapon so im looking to run a turbo with not much lag but a bit more unnf target is about 155bhp-165bhp with maximum tarction.

body work is a bit rough in places so ideally id want a fresh respray on it but only when money comes my way

spec so far

spec list:to date


raider blue
gt tuning grill mouth vented front bumper
clio 172 ph2 wheels with toyo prxie px4e's
clear indicators/repeaters
euro rear lights


standard raider interior
jvc headunit
campus blank off replacing centre vents
boost gauge
gt tuning boost controller
gt tunning handbrake cover and gear knob


heavy duty clutch and lightened fly wheel
scorpion 2 1/2 inch exhaust
k-tec 2 1/2 inch crossover pipe
dump valve
k-tec turbo heatshield
ngk racing(iridium) pulugs
gtt competition kevlar leads

brakes and suspension

265 mm drilled disks
carbone loraine rc5 pads
avo adjustable coilovers (front)
adjusted torsion bar to match
Title: raider
Post by: blueredblue2008 on 22:22, Fri 30 January 2009
lush motor bud,are your tyres 40 or 45 profile mate cos am trying to prise some of a little mug i know :lol:
Post by: GTTboost on 17:47, Sat 31 January 2009
Finally ...I have been waiting to see a 5gtt with 172 alloys!  They look even better than I thought they would  8)    looks great mate... keep up the good work..  really nice  8)