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Title: I HATE Bodgecraft.
Post by: Ash-Lee on 16:21, Sat 10 January 2009
I don't know who owned this car before me but it's a complete joke. Some of the previous bodgecraft i have come across include,

1. Twist and tape methods and speaker cable on the rad fan, it got hot to touch!

2. Fuel pipe to carb just pushed on, no clips.

3. Fuel pipe to carb just left to dangle about 2cm from the exhaust manifold.

4. Two different alarm/immobilisers scattered around, again with twist and tape methods.

5. More twist and tape methods on the stereo wiring, this caused lots of crackles and fizzing.

Now the latest takes the biscuit, my cars been leaking oil all week since it's been put back together, at first i though i had smudged some sealant off while i was wrestling to get the sump back on but i found the oil return pipe from the turbo was split.

I just trimmed the knackered section off and got puzzled to why it wouldn't go back on the pipe was far to small?

Upon closer inspection of the section i trimmed off it looks like someones tryed to fit the smaller pipe by CARVING out the centre of pipe with a stanley knife or similar obviously it was only a matter of time before it fell apart. I can't believe i have never noticed this before, i just checked it wasn't split on the outside and slipped it on.

This really pissed me off today, what would of happened if it had failed completly? I would of lost all the oil and no doubt end up with a knackered crank (again).

Post by: axnutty on 17:18, Sat 10 January 2009
Oh thank God im not the only one is all I can say! the 3 R5GTT's ive had have all had the above and more! The one Ive just bought is full of it! In the end I just had to bite the bullet and strip down and rebuild myself because otherwise I would always have that same fear as yourself of, "what is going to go wrong next?"

The one ive got at moment the lad before has just done the head gasket and replaced the turbo with a "good" one.  The turbo had a bolt missing and the inlet/exhaust gasket on the head was missing altogether!!! God knows how it was running tbh, the exhaust was blowing like mad!  The mind boggles.

Oh and he'd filled it up with oil. One can only presume to the top that is! Because its a good inch above max on the dipstick.  Sums it up really. ;)
Post by: Ash-Lee on 17:52, Sat 10 January 2009
It's no wonder they have a bad reputation.

It's not the cars themselves, it's the stupid owners!  :shock: