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Title: Well, well...a year one and I want another one!
Post by: DavidGTi on 03:14, Wed 31 December 2008
Hi chaps,

I had a very mint Renault 5 GT Turbo (Phase II) in black with an electric sunroof and in stanadrd form (VRN: G377 NFD) with very low miles and in fantastic condition.

I had it for 6 months where I wasn't using a car very much and I loved it, I really bloody loved it. However, despite its condition, it wasn't the most reliable and I was plaged with problems and within 6 months I think I spent almost 3000 on the car...  :shock:

I sold the car, for more than I payed for it thankfully and went back to a solid brand I could rely on as I was moving abroad.

So a year on and althoug I'm very fond of my mint late-spec Volkswagen Corrado VR6, which is a more grown up car (I'm married and in my late-20's afterall) and is ultimately quicker than my ol'Renault, which the wife hated, but...I really, really miss my old R5!  :oops:

I knew nothing about the car mechanically, probably why it cost me so much cash taking it to people that did, but I just knew that when it was working properly I was in heaven.

What do I do?! I can't be bothered with paying to join RTOC just to check their classified ads, but then again the usual bollocks on AutoTrader/eBay/pistonheads don't really cut the mustard - I need a standard example with low miles.

Do I spend up to 3000 buying another one, or do I just try to forget about it?

Help me lads!

Post by: 5teve L on 08:14, Wed 31 December 2008
Well you can get a minter for 3k, either standard or modded already, low milers don't mean squat though so forget that, you just need to see how well it's been looked after & have a good look for rust underneath it, most are nearly 20 years old now you have to remember.

Or just stick with the sensible car..... I know i keep getting tempted by another turbo but with all my other hobbies etc (shooting, climbing, snooker & a young family) i know tinkering with another turbo car will end in divorce !!

I'm going to get a BMW 330d or an M3 next i think....
Post by: pebbles on 08:59, Wed 31 December 2008
You could buy mine  :idea:
Post by: DavidGTi on 16:36, Wed 31 December 2008
Quote from: "pebbles"
You could buy mine  :idea:

Thanks for the offer dude, but if I were to go for it, I'd buy a late as possible Phase II.

Cheers.  :)
Post by: james70 on 01:05, Thu 01 January 2009
3k could get you a minter. Yourl just have to be patient and view as many as possible.

And theres no need for a r5 to cost you 3k over 6months!

When i first got mine, i did all the neccessary to get it through the mot, then drove it for a year without doing anything else.

My RTOC membership has more than repayed me after a year, before i joined i would have probably took it to k-tec lol!!! And payed them silly money to turn the boost up via a bleed valve and all sorts...

good luck with your search
Post by: DavidGTi on 13:25, Thu 01 January 2009
A lot of that money was spent at K-Tec for them to try to figure out how/why I was loosing coolant and/or overheating so much. They took the engine apart looked at things like piston rings, replaced the headgasket a number of times, and tried to find this mystical pinhole in the cast iron engine block itself...

Then I got fed up, took it away from them after they had it for over 6 weeks and took it to a enthuaist chap who I knew from a mate of a mate, who had a track R5 and a few Lotus's. He found it to be a tiny little hose that under pressure would piss out coolant. He changed it there-and-then and from that point the car was amazing!

End of the day, I would never take any car to K-Tec ever again.
Post by: r5matt on 19:20, Thu 01 January 2009
yeah ... ktec .. i went there and for the whole hour n half of driving there my expectations grew bigger n bigger got there and it was ...... shit . they had a cam a "chrome" swirl pot and a set of ht leads in a clear display cabinet . i looked to the left to be stunned by a massive garage nice ramps matching overalls . all i saw was a 15ftx15ft shed with mechanics looking more interested in chatting , it took the counter guy 25 minutes to go and get me 8m ht leads and a large downpipe . there for i will not buy from them again thats how disapointed i was , and there prices VAT should be 15% not about 4 grand lol ... and i love renault 5,s mate but if i didnt own this one after having 3 i wouldnt buy another , mines really trust worthy never broken down , but the 5,s are aging now , stick to a new'ish' car my
Title: Re: Well, well...a year one and I want another one!
Post by: Big Steve Raider on 15:06, Mon 05 January 2009
Quote from: "DavidGTi"
What do I do?! I can't be bothered with paying to join RTOC just to check their classified ads...

You want to spend 3000 on a Renault 5 GT Turbo but are too tight to pay to Join the RTOC?!  :roll: