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Title: Bling Classed as mods?
Post by: Gtturbo2008 on 15:05, Sun 30 November 2008
if i was get fit a chrome rocker cover chrome bracket etc in the bay is this classed as mods to the insurer? i mean i feel a bit stupid phoning them up to say i fitted  a chrome bracket its just a diffrent colour?
Post by: frix on 16:20, Mon 01 December 2008
i wouldnt worry bout it mate!! :D
Post by: DJLOG on 12:15, Tue 02 December 2008
Yeah, I'm sure that can be classed as a replacement part  :)
Post by: Mattuce on 14:12, Tue 02 December 2008
I dont know, chrome in a car.. Could be risky!  :shock:
Post by: smudger on 14:18, Tue 02 December 2008
I thought it was only performance enhancing mods that bumped your insurance up except of course things like alloys and ICE??

Personally I have never declared any under bonnet bling as mods to my insurers.
Post by: scratcher on 17:16, Tue 02 December 2008
its worth asking i'd say. you don't wanna have an accident and get shafted, the slightest undeclared thing and they might not pay out.