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Title: Freak Breakdown.
Post by: Ash-Lee on 16:37, Sun 23 November 2008
The car let me down today, in the pouring rain!  :x

Can't really explain it, pulled up at a petrol station to use the cashpoint. When i started the car up i noticed the battery light was on, knowing better then to ignore it as an electrical 'gremlin' i popped the bonnet and had a look.

No drivebelt.  :cry:

I found the drivebelt just behind the car, in one piece. Strange i thought that maybe it was to slack and it just fell off. Anyway i try to refit it and theres no way it was to loose, i could not get it back on not even with the one and only tool i was carrying with me, a flat blade screwdriver.

Luckily there was a Halfords just down the road so i could buy 2x13mm spanners to loosen the alternator.

I've got no explanation for this, maybe a stone or something flicked up and flipped the belt off and it finally fell of when i started the car up? Who knows. It was just one of those 'freak events'.
Post by: Big Steve Raider on 16:45, Sun 23 November 2008
Top marks for checking otherwise you'd be looking for a new headgasket as the water pump wasnt doing anything!!!

Yeah sometimes they throw themselves off for no reason, i always carry a spare belt & a couple of 13mm spanners! - Just in-case
Post by: Ash-Lee on 17:34, Sun 23 November 2008
Well i've got a spare set of 13mm spanners now, they can go next to the other spare set of 13mm spanners which are next to set of 13mm spanners.  :shock:

Trouble is, when i do need a 13mm spanner, i can never find one.  :?
Post by: scratcher on 21:48, Sun 23 November 2008
well spotted. i'd just ignore it and learn the hard way  :lol:
i'd leave them spanners in the glove box now. i've got a little stanley tool box hat fits in the scuttle bit for special occasions.
Post by: r5matt on 12:30, Fri 28 November 2008
shit were all the same lol i carry spanners belts last time i looked i swear my boot had a hole spare reno actually lol