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Title: scottish get-together
Post by: dgdogz on 21:06, Wed 19 November 2008
well as said in the title

personally ive seen one other 5 up here my whole life and even at that it wasnt anythin to write home about

so are any of u local scotty chaps up for havin a wee meet

obviously wen all cars are well and ready??
open to suggestions and meeting places.
somewer central is fair for evryone to travel so any input wld be good

post up if your interested

as i said it doesnt have to be next week just in the coming future would be good to put face to names

Post by: Bass J on 21:13, Wed 19 November 2008
Id be up for a meet up when ive got my clio done. Would also be good to see more 5gtt's only one ive seen up my way is emma b's from RTOC lol
Post by: cavsri130 on 10:16, Fri 21 November 2008
im up for it but for me to meet somewhere central is about 150 miles away!?

and with that id have to wait till after the winter time to travel, snow is bad on the a9.

could maybe wait till march and do a meet at crail or a hot hatch day at knockhill?

in the last year ive had a dimma gt, white h plate gt, black g plate gt and now my j reg glitter mobile and there is 3 raiders in inverness and a raider 30 miles from that, there is still a few about but yes very rare
Post by: gjb0535 on 10:25, Sat 22 November 2008
A track day at Knockhill in March would be a good idea.

I normally go to the track days but my car has been off the road for a couple of months. Hopefully it will be ready for March.
Post by: dgdogz on 12:20, Sat 22 November 2008
yeah would mayb be a good idea
i wouldnt be takin my car on though
itl be too slow
Post by: cavsri130 on 13:08, Sat 22 November 2008
nah dont have to go on, just have a group of 5 nuts talking drivel for a few hours  :D
Post by: dgdogz on 13:29, Sat 22 November 2008
hahaha wel tht was always the plan
Post by: bazr5gtt on 08:11, Sun 23 November 2008
great idea bud next year would be perfect either knockhill or crail would be fantastic,ive got two mates with 5s so we would be up for that,just gotta get them all finished  :lol:
Post by: dgdogz on 09:17, Sun 23 November 2008
get them all finished
always the problem ...not jus wiv 5s but with evrything
am sure well get it all together

Post by: gjb0535 on 10:07, Sun 23 November 2008
You would be surprised how well your car would do at Knockhill. When I first went up when my car was almost standard I was suprised.

It has been slightly modified and in no way is it the quickest 5 around. It can still surprise  more powerful cars. Its just my driving I need to improve on.