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Title: hi folks
Post by: gt-5t on 21:03, Sat 08 November 2008
hey people im luke and am in the thinking stage of getting a renault 5 turbo but as i read on others i heard they aint to good but then its all down to the owner aswell

also this might sound stupid but whos the youngest person on this forum and whats insurance like my mate has one and its 1800 on his mums and hes 18
ive liked them since i was a little wipper snapper and now i want to own my own but sue to age it may be dear

Post by: Ash-Lee on 23:50, Sat 08 November 2008
Who knows? How old are you for a start?

They aren't as bad as people make them out to be, but they do need to be looked after.

Welcome to the forum.  8)
Post by: gt-5t on 00:20, Sun 09 November 2008
me im 19 at the moment and yea be nice to have something you got to take care in nit just drive it 24/7 and not do anything become boring haha

Post by: DanielSon-gtt on 01:09, Mon 10 November 2008
Welcome To The Forum Mate
Any Body With a Love Of The 5 Will Fit In Lovly Here Great People With Great Advise On Here Bud

Post by: Renegades on 23:24, Mon 10 November 2008
Im 18, not got my 5 yet, gettin 1 in may when I get my 1 year no claims if I dont crash *fingers crossed*.

I look at quotes alot and on my own with my 1 year no claims I can get insured for around 2000. But I checked on my mums insurance, 1 company quoted me 400 fully comp  :D

Maybe they f*cked up somewhere  :?   8)
Post by: jonnyshaw49 on 17:55, Wed 26 November 2008
hi mate im 20 got 3 years no claims and my r5 is on my insurance policy as an  additional vehicle and i pay 800 a year if this helps
Post by: smudger on 18:23, Wed 26 November 2008
Hi and welcome to the forum.

I reckon insurance will be over 1k for you at 18 mate.  :shock:
Title: Re: hi folks
Post by: Kylegtt on 12:06, Mon 19 December 2011
lol youngest member would be me... im 15 and owned my 3rd r5 now  :mrgreen:
Title: Re: hi folks
Post by: Shiney Bits on 14:41, Mon 19 December 2011
Welcome to the forum dude.  I'm also new.  I only joined yesterday lol.