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Title: building oil preasure in turbo
Post by: gaz on 17:29, Tue 04 November 2008
Hi my mum keeps moaning at me coz i leave my 5 running on idle after ive been out! She says its annoying the neighbours  :shock: :D  Ive explained humpteen times why I have to do it but she doesn't beleve me!!! MOTHERS :x  So could someone please stick up for me on this one and explain why i dont want to spend 500 on a new turbo coz she wants me to turn it straight off! :)  cheers lads.
Post by: 5teve L on 17:33, Tue 04 November 2008
You only need to idle it if you run it hard before you get home, a slow coast in the last minute or so of your journey should sort it, it's only when the turbo is red/white hot that you will get problems, warming the car up is more important ;)
You are right in what you say though, the turbo does need to wind down, but as i say, you can do this on the drive home :)
Sorry dude  :lol:
Post by: gaz on 17:39, Tue 04 November 2008
My point exactly but just playin it safe. Cheers steve. :lol:
Post by: Brigsy on 12:21, Wed 05 November 2008
As Steve said, steady drive home for last few miles, park up & switch off, won't hurt it :D