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Title: Picking up a car from far away?
Post by: Stealthgrow on 14:14, Thu 16 October 2008
i want to start viewing some fives now and most of the ones for sale that come up are scatted all over the country i live in birmingham just wondering how people go about viewing cars and briniging them home from far away? i cant exatcly drive there and drive too cars back lol
Post by: Mattuce on 15:53, Thu 16 October 2008
Get someone to come with you.

You drive your car there, someone drives yours back while you drive the 5.

Post by: R5_GTT on 14:25, Fri 17 October 2008
If you  don't wish to break the law if the fives dont have insurance, tax or mot then arrange it with a local tow truck to pick it for you after you've organised the buying.
Post by: scratcher on 16:26, Fri 17 October 2008
i went to cornwall for mine, got a lift there, put it on my insurance for a day and drove it ''to an mot station'' in luton because it had no tax or mot.
big loophole in the law  :wink:
Post by: Ash-Lee on 00:14, Sat 18 October 2008
It has to be a pre-booked MOT.  :wink:
Post by: scratcher on 13:38, Sat 18 October 2008
yeah, thats true ash. i did get home about 2 in the morning as well so i don't think any coppers would've belived my 'just going for an MOT' line, naughty i know  :(
Post by: Ash-Lee on 23:18, Sat 18 October 2008
I've done worse.  :twisted:
Title: lol
Post by: Rossyboy99 on 11:07, Sun 19 October 2008
i've done worse to, last 2 5's i've simply had them picked up by a courier and delivered to me a bit risky i know but they where for breaking anyway, you can get a rough idea from pics and conversation with seller if its worth the trip if in doubt stay at home and thrash one out!