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Title: logging in???
Post by: gaz on 18:34, Thu 09 October 2008
Is any1 havig a problem logging in? every time i log on to the forum i have to sighn in even tho i tick the (log me in automaticly each visit box) :?
Post by: LEE on 19:04, Thu 09 October 2008
Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Its fixed now, for it to work now clear your browser cookies, close all browser windows then go to login again and tick the remember me box.

Next time it should automatically log you in.
Post by: smudger on 19:11, Thu 09 October 2008
You done a forum upgrade Lee??
Post by: LEE on 19:16, Thu 09 October 2008
Nah just sorted the cookie thing out and changing the topbar !!
Post by: gaz on 21:19, Thu 09 October 2008
Sorted matey. cheers :)