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Title: Cheap hoses anyone?
Post by: scratcher on 19:40, Tue 07 October 2008 ... 59QQsofpZ0 (
Post by: djmers on 07:49, Wed 08 October 2008
Yer i noticed this the other day looks like china are copying these now,
Do you think there alright ?
Post by: scratcher on 16:29, Thu 09 October 2008
i've found someone who's bought a set. he said they look good enough. he's gettin some pics sorted so i'll let you know if you're interested?
Post by: smudger on 16:52, Thu 09 October 2008
Usually with cheap copies its not how they look its how they last.
Scratcher mate if you get a chance to have a look at them see if they're thinner than the real thing and when they've been on your mates car see how they fare with the heat.
Title: Re: Cheap hoses anyone?
Post by: 01mlacey on 23:44, Wed 23 March 2011
hmmmmmy mate payed waaaaay more then tht ill be passing this on i think  :o
Title: Re: Cheap hoses anyone?
Post by: DeanGT5 on 09:04, Thu 24 March 2011
These might be ok,  I contacted a company in Derbyshire who have started making hoses. There on ebay (seller id dphsport), the hoses are 4.5mm and look good, I messaged him to see if they would be ok to run from my turbo (oil drain), see below for his reply.....

Hi Dean, over time oil degrades the silicone, you should use a fluro silicone hose that has a liner in to protect the silicone. I'm afraid that i don't have any fluro material in at the moment.