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Title: my gtt is the wrong colour
Post by: sloany on 23:20, Sat 02 August 2008
bought my gtt last week thinking it was a matt black one, turns out to be the paint was cracking on the left skirt so removed the cracked bit and to my happiness found out its a tungy underneath called the previous owner he said he decided to spray it matt black without sanding and primering the old colour away (lazy cheap git).

looks like a busy day for me on my day off getting this paint off to see my tungy underneath lol.

anybody have any ideas if its possible to sand away the crappy top coat matt black to reveal the real colour all over? long job i know but should i use an electric hand sander or go free hand with coarse paper or medium paper ideas pleeeeeeez
Post by: lexgtturbo on 23:29, Sat 02 August 2008
unless youre planning to respray the car, stay away from coarse and medium sanding!!!

Use 2000grit or finer. takes forever, but then its only to use some good not too agressive rubbing compound, polish and wax :)
Doing that will most likely make youre car shiny and showing off its tungy colour  8) Anyway its many hours of work....
Post by: sloany on 23:33, Sat 02 August 2008
was planning a re-spray anyway on it not a big fan of the matt black thing.

so what would be ideal for me to just try to get the tungy back for a temporary time apart from the re-srpay? many hours will be worth it though
Post by: lexgtturbo on 23:53, Sat 02 August 2008
Depending on how much rust it is on the car. It might actually not need a respray if you do the job right.

Wet sanding is a great way of getting it done. Remember when wet sanding to not go in circles, either sideways or up and down.
This might take you all the way from 5 to 20 hours depending on how much of the matt black paint that is on the car.

Then its time for the rubbing, I reckon if you use a rotary machine and a wool pad on it, you will use about 6 hours on the whole car. And its no use trying to do this by hand.

Polish, use the same machine with a soft foam pad takes from 2 to 4 hours.

Wax applied by faom applicator. Do NOT use a machine for this unless it says so in the instructions. Takes up to 30 minutes to apply and 15 min to wipe off after it has hazed..

If its a worst case scenario your looking at 31 hours of work.
but it could be well worth it if done properly :)