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Title: New Megane R26
Post by: LEE on 10:57, Fri 25 July 2008
This looks the nuts !!

Gonna be available in some off key colour combinations as you'll see on the link !! ... allery.asp (

I think it looks the best in these colour combinations !!



Post by: Mattuce on 10:59, Fri 25 July 2008
Cor, thats a beut!
Post by: dazzleandshine on 11:12, Fri 25 July 2008
i agree already been looking at getting one for the mrs and getting rid of here Golf R32
Post by: 5teve L on 15:34, Fri 25 July 2008
A mate of mine has the Megane 230 F1 edition or whatever it's called, RR at 250 bhp as standard  8)
He's selling it as he needs a bigger car.
Post by: dgdogz on 16:55, Fri 25 July 2008
the white and red is stunning
Post by: scratcher on 16:58, Fri 25 July 2008
i thought the white and red looks lovely too. never been a fan of white cars but that looks the mutt's!!
Post by: RickGTT on 20:33, Sat 26 July 2008
black one looks nice 2  8)