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Title: Carbon Build Up
Post by: Mattuce on 13:31, Thu 24 July 2008
Have done a search, but found nothing on this.

My car, I reckon, has a build up of carbon.

Question; how to cure this?

Can you buy something that goes into the fuel tank that will clean it? And do they actually work?

Then that leads me onto, if I have got a a carbon build up, does that mean its running rich?  

Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Post by: whitneyd on 13:42, Thu 24 July 2008
Normally means rich or dirty fuel. Id try to use a high quality fuel and injector cleaner every other tank full.
Post by: dgdogz on 16:52, Thu 24 July 2008
yeah i been runnin bit rich for a while and thy wer gettin dirty as hell lookin
Post by: Mattuce on 18:04, Thu 24 July 2008
Could I take the head off and scrape?
Post by: James5 on 18:41, Thu 24 July 2008
Quote from: "Mattuce"
Could I take the head off and scrape?

Yeah just clean with petrol don't use anything to abrassive matey. If your taking the head of though you will need to replace H/G, coolant, oil, oil filter, Head bolts.
Post by: Mattuce on 08:59, Fri 25 July 2008
I'll try that come tomorrow.

I only think its carbon build up as when it runs and gets hot, turn it off, it kind of fires back up and sounds like it stalls.

This is the kind of thing?