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Title: renix unit moving
Post by: JK on 18:01, Tue 22 July 2008
Alright guys. Had my phase one for a while now and been putting off moving the renix behind the bulkhead for ages. Anyone give some advice on doing it pls. How easy? Extra bits required? I no its a better place for it so it doesnt sit over the turbs but havent had any probs so far, thats y I haven't bothered yet. But now im thinking its better to do it before it f**ks up and i need a new one. Any help would be sweet.

Also while Im here, brought a blanking plug for the dump the other day. Now it makes a sweet chatter noise. A mate of mines got a glanza running 190 ish bhp. He's blanked off his dump n it makes an amazing high pitched sort of woop woop woop noise... ha hard to explain but nothing like my 5 chatter. Any Idea how to achieve this crazy noise? He's running a pancake hks filter n I've got a massive k-tech cone filter, anything to do with this? could it be to do with the shape and design of the fins in the turbo?? Im still on the standard t2, whilst he's running a hybrid. I dunno jus wnt the woop woop woop ha ha  :lol:
Post by: 5teve L on 19:07, Tue 22 July 2008
Bigger turbo + more boost will give more compresser stall ;)
Different filters also give different noises.
Post by: JK on 10:32, Wed 23 July 2008
sweet i see anyone ideas on the unit move?