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Title: wet feet
Post by: on 16:32, Mon 21 July 2008
hi guys, just noticed that after a fairly decent down pore my front 2 foot wells fill with water, just woundering, are there any comon places where the water enters the car? like the sill under the bonet that holds the batterie? or doors or any thing,

thanks alot   :D
Post by: dazzleandshine on 16:35, Mon 21 July 2008
has it got a sunroof as you can get water coming in from there if seal isant that good
Post by: PHASEONE on 17:57, Mon 21 July 2008
I had this problem it was coming from where the choke cable goes through the a post under the dash on the right (replace grommet) also coming through where the wiring harness comes through the bulkhead to stop this i cleared out the scuttle area and sealed all round the grommets with clear silicon............ so far so good

Ps the sound deadening mat under the carpet will stay wet for ages!
Post by: James5 on 18:39, Mon 21 July 2008
Could be many a thing matey, windscreen incorrectly fitted or seal gone or rust, door drain holes blocked and the water rising into the car, sunroof etc..
Post by: penfold1981 on 19:22, Mon 21 July 2008
I get water leaking through where the aerial is mounted, it comes in through the courtesy light!! needless to say, the light is working intermittently!
Post by: on 12:31, Thu 24 July 2008
nice one guys, thanks alot  :D