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Title: turbo timer??
Post by: dgdogz on 11:16, Thu 17 July 2008
hi lads
ive posted a topic bout this before im sure but
i was looking to get a turbo timer..and it sparked a debate about i dont need one and what not
id like one but cant find one that is supplied with wiring harness for my 5

anyone know which company or make or model that does them for r5's
Post by: gtturb on 13:28, Thu 17 July 2008
I think Blitz do them for Renault and you can get universal ones.  We got a universal one for the Escort RS from eBay. They all do the same job.
Post by: gtturb on 13:32, Thu 17 July 2008
Here's some cheapy ones on ebay but as I said, they all do the same job and we've never had any problems with ones like these. ... urbo+timer (
Post by: dazzleandshine on 14:00, Thu 17 July 2008
the best turbo timer is yourself as you no how hard you have been driving the car and iam sure you have 2 min spare to sit in your car at the end of your journey and let it tick over for 2 min :D
Post by: dgdogz on 14:44, Thu 17 July 2008
thanks for help
im gona chek it out
yeah i do let my car cool after a run or wateva its just somtimes i get so busy i feel i dont it long enuf
and i really wld like one
Post by: gtturb on 15:14, Fri 18 July 2008
and the good thing about them is that if you wanted to warm your car up beofore going to work etc, you can turn it on, set the timer for 10 mins and have a cup of tea! If anyone lets the handbrake off the engine turns off so no one can nick it.  :D
Post by: H150GTT on 15:59, Fri 18 July 2008
I have one of these fitted in my car.  

As you say its handy to warm the car up but i didnt like the handbrake idea as the handbrakes arnt that good in a 5 and you could probably drive away without releasing it.

I have been thinking about maybe trying to connect it up to the footbrake instead.  Another bad thing is that it exposes all the ignition wiring to the back of the timer and could be easily tampered with.

Apart from that it is pretty handy to have.. I set the timer and jump out of the car and lock the garage because all my keys are on 1 keyring  :D
Post by: dgdogz on 16:25, Fri 18 July 2008
i stil cant find one lads
i can find the timer
but the wiring harness(thnk thts wt its called) is impossible to find