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Title: scuttle covers
Post by: dgdogz on 10:54, Thu 17 July 2008
i got a set of scuttle covers...after having such a hassle finding them
 ive been thinking of making my own custom ones for ppol
airbrushed or just simply coloured acrylic

would anyone be interested in this sort of thing???
Post by: Mattuce on 11:00, Thu 17 July 2008
I would if the price was right  :wink:
Post by: dgdogz on 11:11, Thu 17 July 2008
well chrome gt tuning ones are 85 + vat so i tink th total works about 100quid

then delivery

id probably be able to get standard coloured acrylic for about 50/60
and for airbrushed...well that depends on what your looking for

you think this is reasonable start off price???