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Title: engine re-build??
Post by: ollie91 on 13:08, Thu 10 July 2008
Took the engine out of my car and have it sat on a bench do i do a full rebuild or just a headgasket and clutch? I think im straying more to just a gasket and clutch as i want to fit my new fmic what do you boys recomend??
Many thanks
Post by: dazzleandshine on 13:27, Thu 10 July 2008
if you have the engine out then go for a full rebuild if you have the funds as you no when you put it back in its going to last a while as the last thing you want to do is put engine back in and then something happens and it has to come out again....thats what i would do anyway
Post by: ollie91 on 13:30, Thu 10 July 2008
yea so defo go for the rebuild then well funds aint to bad am a mechanic anyway so i gt it all cheap lol guna b a pain in the ass to find rings for it tho i think :shock:
Post by: H150GTT on 13:36, Thu 10 July 2008
I would have to agree..

Nothing worse than building the car up and having it all sitting nice then having to pull it all out again.  
Been there done that  :(  :oops:
If you dont go for a rebuild then consider giving it a good check over when you have it on the bench.
Post by: dazzleandshine on 13:47, Thu 10 July 2008
enigne rebuild it is then  :D
Post by: 5teve L on 14:27, Thu 10 July 2008
Right go onto CGB & look at the prices.
New pistons & liners, liner seals, bottom end set, headgasket set, coolant & oils(get cheapo oil x 2 & 1 lot of decent stuff) 3x oil filters (yep 3) main shells, big end shells (don't mix the end caps up off the pistons they are matched ;) ) sump sealant.

Prob get all you need for a full rebuild for around 500 or so, maybe less.

If you don't have a cam fitted & have the cash get one, with the springs & vernier prob looking at 250

Once rebuilt, run up to temp, dump oil, change filter, new cheapo oil in, run at 1 bar boost or less & drive gently but still boost her now & again, this helps bed the rings in. If you have fitted a cam you have to run it in @ 2k rpms i think anyway. 250 miles dump oil, change filter & put in decent oil & drive however you like.
Post by: bazr5gtt on 20:21, Fri 11 July 2008
yeh mate if you got her out your just aswell too nothing worse than doing a job twice :(
Post by: ollie91 on 15:46, Sat 19 July 2008
gtt boy ure a star mate am defo goin to look into cgb for the parts now its bein camed its got a piper cam reprofiled not sure what to tho. What oil do you run in your car mate??
Post by: scratcher on 21:47, Sat 19 July 2008
hows the build coming along mate? i missed your call earlier, i was painting my rocker cover. did try ringing back but it wouldn't go through on your mobile.

i use 10/40W oil at the mo but i'm going to change it and filter and run 15/40W. either one'll be fine.
Post by: 5teve L on 07:52, Sun 20 July 2008
Yeah 10/40 is fine, i use 20/50 as i run lots of boost & the car gets revved to 7k, my car doesn't see the road alot though :)
Post by: GAZ-MAN on 22:49, Tue 29 July 2008
thats were i got all my re build stuff from theyre very helpfull and delivery is next day