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Title: Can I get some help when the time comes?
Post by: sloany on 23:10, Sun 06 July 2008
Right as you know when I introduced myself I mentioned im currently breaking my vectra in order to save for my 1st R5 GTT (Ive only been waiting about 15 years for 1 and the time is right to own 1 now) well im not far from my budget s give it a few weeks more saving I'll be there.

My question is to all users on this forum where ever in the countr I have to go would anyone be willing to come and help me view the R5 and tell me if it's worth it possible problems etc there will be 50 for your time and knowledge.

not too sure where in the country I will be going for one just yet as you know they are hard to come by and usually on the wrong side of the country I dont mind travelling to get it. was just wondering if I could get that kind of help when the time comes?

thanks in advance anyway

Post by: smithsgtt on 23:20, Sun 06 July 2008
you've got my support and i will get my parnter talked into it as well for you he wont mind
Post by: big dave on 09:18, Mon 07 July 2008
if its round were i am i will come look at 1 with you im in lancashire. i went down to gatwick for mine.
Post by: sloany on 10:12, Thu 10 July 2008
cheers guys, still hunting round pistonheads ebay classifieds etc... plenty of time to find one just a bit annoying not having a car though, been a month now and i'm starting to struggle without one lol
Post by: 5teve L on 14:13, Thu 10 July 2008
I'm in Sussex ,if you have to come down this way i'll go with you.
Have you tried Bob @ CGB Motorsport? He's based in Telford.
Post by: Lambrettaobsession on 20:29, Sun 13 July 2008
If it's Sunderland or Newcastle I will take a look
Post by: chrisb on 23:42, Sun 13 July 2008
There's a white one on ebay today in my area, Bournemouth, i can take a look with you if you want.
Post by: sloany on 23:59, Sun 13 July 2008
a member from here contacted me to say he has one for sale and I will be meeting with him in under 3wks so im in good hands thanks anyway guys                         "watch this space"
Post by: chrisb on 00:02, Mon 14 July 2008
No probs, good luck.
Post by: dgdogz on 09:19, Mon 14 July 2008
good luck sloany

ul love it wen it comes