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Title: Best UK 5GTT engine tuner?
Post by: GTTboost on 23:27, Tue 17 June 2008
Just interested what company you would vote as the best 5GTT engine tuner :?:  

  If you look at the UK 5GTT tuners around...  who'd come out on top?

  You dont hear of any really getting a mention on here as most of the guys are home tuners..  so thought it would be an interesting ques to give them a mention.

  Also add your feedback on your experiences...  (if any)  with a tuner you visted.
Post by: 5teve L on 09:03, Wed 18 June 2008
Never had a tuner do any work on my car but went to BB Tuning when they had a workshop to have my old GTT rolling roaded, also spoken to David @ K-tec a few times, he's a nice bloke, i think nearly everyone i've spoken to thinks Roland from GT Tuning is a tw@.....
I think K-tec are prob the best known for engine builds now since BB closed the workshop, GT Tuning moved onto Mini's.
Post by: dazzleandshine on 11:30, Wed 18 June 2008
i recommend k-tec had loads of bit sof them lately and they are friendly people and ship bits out really quick
Post by: GTTboost on 16:19, Wed 18 June 2008
Same here...  K-Tec have supplied me with quite a few bits for my 5... I got the charge cooler off them and my zorst.. also took my old V6 to them to have there Variant 3 coilovers fitted...  they completely transformed the car from boat-like cornering to feeling like it was on rails  8) Highly recommended.
Post by: chrisb on 00:39, Fri 20 June 2008
K-tec are very good at supplying parts quickly via post, if you go to them to pick up parts they are very friendly and the tall guy behind the counter/ workshop knows GT turbos very well.
I've had my car in there 2 times for work to be done but not again, pm me if you want to know why.
GT Tuning- i have found Roland to be very helpful and knows GT turbos inside out, i used to work with a guy (zeppy) who sold the RAIDER which became B5 GTT to him in the early mid 90's, ok they have moved on to Mini's and TT's but they still have stock of GT Turbo parts and K-tec tune/ mod lots of other cars aswell.
Both of these tuners are a local to me, so i don't want to offend anyone but like GTT BOY says he likes to do his own maintenance/ tuning, i agree, do as much as you can yourself, tuners are 50 quid an hour.