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Title: steering colum
Post by: gar turbo on 20:07, Thu 15 May 2008
hi there,has any one any experiance changing steering colums on gtt,is it straight forward enough?theiving f**ks left mine like a banana :evil: ,but thankfully didn't get the car,any help much appreciated,gary.
Post by: 5teve L on 23:38, Thu 15 May 2008
You have to get the right one as there are two different types ;)
Not too hard to do, a bit awkward if you're like me & 6'2" with broad shoulders as it's hard to fit under the dash to see, even when you're upside down :lol:
pretty sure it's 2 or 4 13mm bolts that hold the brackets for the colomn & then undo it from either the rack or the uj, i don't think the two different colomns are compatable from the join where you can adjust the hieght of the wheel.

Bob @ cgb motorsport will be able to help if you let him know what type of rack you have ;)
Post by: Ash-Lee on 08:50, Fri 16 May 2008
4x13mm bolts, don't forget to reattach the earth cable aswell when you put it back together.  :wink: