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Title: What TUNE'S do people cruze to??
Post by: selcon on 20:05, Tue 01 March 2005
hey all!!

Mearly wonderind what people listen to in there pride and joy's??
Peronally speeking im very into mi hardcore trance at the moment, good for getting poeple going in the morning down the old highstreet ya know!!! :wink:

cheers :)
Post by: DJ Dark on 23:52, Tue 01 March 2005
Hiphop , drum n bass, old skool hardcore keep the early nineties alive

Post by: chris tur-bo on 11:51, Wed 02 March 2005
As above, listen to all that. Good to see you have got your avater workin Selcon. By the way have you noticed your old 5 is on the gallery on the main web page. Go look and weep mate. :roll:  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:
Post by: LEE on 14:30, Fri 18 March 2005
Selcon love the Avatar, fave tune at the moment has to be LL Cool J - Hush !!

Post by: chris tur-bo on 14:33, Fri 18 March 2005
Barbie girl, Na just kiddin. Avater is looking rather good.
Im listening to alot of hixxy at the mo.
 :roll:  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:
Post by: DJ Dark on 23:02, Fri 18 March 2005

Post by: Peugeot/Renault on 21:58, Wed 15 February 2006
Am I strange????
I listen to metal :twisted:
From Led Zeppelin, to Metallica.
Black Sabbath, to Peagan's Mind (norwegian)

Got a son, 2years old, and hi say it's noice :shock:
What's wrong with today's youth :?:  :roll:

Okay, as a busdriver i cannot list'n much to metal, so i get my fair share of top 50 on the radio. :x
Post by: lipton on 13:50, Tue 01 July 2008
bring on the rock!!
Post by: scratcher on 23:30, Tue 01 July 2008
in the 5 - turbo chatter.
in the KA - loads of stuff, hip-hop, some d&b, loads and loads of jimmy eat world... ever heard of them? even shred the beatles if the shuffle puts it on, haha.
Post by: big dave on 15:16, Thu 03 July 2008
motown lol
i like hardcore and donk and oldschol depends what mood im in
im driveing my mums focus at the mo so lots off D&B to turn
heads in the 5 door automatic focus burner. i put my 2 kicker comp subs
in with my kicker amp so its fair loud lol
Post by: chrisb on 22:54, Thu 03 July 2008
Metallica, Linkin Park, Velvet Revolver, but no Queen( Bo Rap).
Post by: philGTT on 00:06, Fri 04 July 2008
if im on a hard drive nothing but the car roar!

but cruisin either drum'n'bass or death metal!!!!!!!!!

and the youth of tday still know the score.

cant go wrong with metallica, master of puppets is my fav!
Post by: gtturb on 14:45, Tue 15 July 2008
Ha ha a bit of 'incredible' off Ali G (only joking)!

Drum n bass mostly.
Post by: Bass J on 17:16, Wed 03 September 2008
I listen to dance/donk/funkyhouse and sometimes a bit of oldskool trance :)
Post by: owe on 22:40, Wed 03 September 2008
hey i noticed a few dnb heads out there, im love dnb but i dunno if anyone out there has heard of dubstep? wen u got an amp an sub on the go nothin beats dubstep for low end bass frequencies get any skream tunes an ull kno wot i mean ( (

remember these clips aint the best quality
Post by: JK on 18:55, Tue 16 September 2008
smooth grooves, 80's classics ( to suit the car ), rap, gabba, hardcore  8)
Post by: smudger on 12:54, Thu 18 September 2008
I'm into most stuff but will usually have on Dire Straits, Pearl Jam, RHCP and anything mostly from the 80's and 90's.

Don't mind a bit of dance music now and again but I find it makes me drive a bit faster than usual  :lol:  :twisted:
Post by: DJLOG on 04:20, Wed 24 December 2008
I love D&B, hip-hop, dance anthems
Post by: tenby05 on 19:25, Thu 05 February 2009
junglist all the way 8) (
Post by: on 10:43, Sat 07 February 2009
Hiphop/Rap, Dubstep, Drum n bass (lots of old school grime - more fire crew, crazy t, dizzy) durty base
Post by: sparkysparks on 21:19, Wed 04 March 2009
Try listening to Massive Attack on a quiet road very late at nite in the dark. Its a bit trippy.