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Title: charade gtti
Post by: cavsri130 on 15:09, Wed 19 March 2008
i put my 5 for sale but then had a change of heart and decided to do it up. today i was offered a charade gtti. we all know these have stronger engines than the 5 and as quick if not quicker in standard form.

should i stick with the 5  or take the reliable jap route?
Post by: 5teve L on 15:17, Wed 19 March 2008
I don't think they are quicker than a standard 5  :?

1 litre turbo aren't they... more reliable ??

Not sure about those claims  :lol:

The R5GTT is only unreliable if its not been looked after or the boost has been whacked up.... same with any motor :)
Post by: cavsri130 on 16:04, Wed 19 March 2008
the charades have forge pistons and crank as standard. thay have 100bhp standard on the 115bhp the 5 has so a little lower but the way my mates one used to go its got to be close
Post by: Ash-Lee on 16:07, Wed 19 March 2008
They are nippy!  8)

Hard to come by now though i think, i rarely see them about.
Post by: stage 3 muppet on 17:05, Wed 19 March 2008
ive had a few gtti,s and they are quick ,comparing both cars the gtti is much quicker due to being three cylinder .. engine spins up and revs much quicker than a 5 turbo...
mine was typical jap build very reliable ,although i did snap a cam once
they scream and rev very well ....worth noting they were the fastest 1.0cc car evr made and made 104bhp from a 3 cyl twincam turbo

also from a rarety point of view gtti,s will be worth more in future as they were made in less no,s and most have rotted away
i personally would swap if its a decent car pal
Post by: tree on 19:31, Wed 19 March 2008
Go for it! I always remember one the did the same 60mile daily trip Mon-Fri along A roads as I did. The guy could really drive but he regularly made me smile as I'd see him making rapid and safe progress.

Jap reliability - my Honda has never missed a beat...........
Post by: bazr5gtt on 21:35, Thu 20 March 2008
keep them both mate :D
Post by: cavsri130 on 07:53, Sat 22 March 2008
i went and had a good scan round it yesturday. its got 70k miles on it, no mot or tax.
needs a spot of paint and the pass rear arch needs replaced. he has new brakes and lowered suspension for it.
its got a boost gauge, itg induction kit, bailey dumper, kei alloys and a clifford alarm and imob
think ill get it for about 550ish
should be ok for that eh?
Post by: tree on 09:02, Sat 22 March 2008
Worth double that with tax and test on it, go for it!
Post by: Templux on 19:49, Mon 24 March 2008

I bought your white 5 at christmas.....Going well by the way but have done a few things (head gasket again!) I did have a charade gtti before the five which I rebuilt over two years, and although I love that shape of the five it doesnt cmpare to the charade. I would highly recommend a gtti but parts are pricey and heads crack easily. Mine was standard with a cosworth intercooler full system (including cat replacement- a must) and filter but way more revvy that a five and sounded insane...Would kill to have mine back but it got written off by an un-insured polish driver after two hard years of sourcing bits. Buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Post by: cavsri130 on 10:22, Tue 25 March 2008
is it going well, cool, i hope you put an uprated head gasket on it? im surprised it made it all the way done to you without any major problems....its a 5 after all!

i was gutted as soon as you mate drove it away, regretted it straight away and was a bear with a sore head for weeks after. the wife banned me from the computer and reading mags cos as soon as i did that i went all pmt like!!  :lol:

so what all you done to it?
Post by: Templux on 10:11, Wed 26 March 2008
Yeah i know, i only had to do the head gasket as one of my mates messed with the bleed valve and i was un aware...Put an uprated one on running well now. Haven't done much really had the MOT yesterday had to replace the brake pipes front to rear and had the front bumper and grill re-sprayed. Just trying to source some good doors at the moment and may look under the side skirts to see how rotten it is.  :(  Apart from that fitted some stereo, tidied up the engine bay and replaced the dimma cap. To be honest the reason I bought it was because of the cage and the turbines. I dont really like changing styling on cars too much and as my commute is 30 miles a day through central london I dont want to mess with the engine either...It runs well at the moment. Decided on the charade yet? Have you driven it?
Post by: cavsri130 on 10:24, Wed 26 March 2008
good good. if i sell my black 5 i recon ill buy it. got some bills and that to pay first so it will depend on the cash side AGAIN!
not driven it yet but ive seen it go, sounds well.
my mate might be getting an ecu for his starlet and said if he does i can have his boost controller, fuel pressure regulator etc. recon she will go well after that
Post by: Templux on 10:10, Thu 27 March 2008
Sounds good, like any five get it sniff tested, when I bought mine the head gasket was gone and the head had a hair line crack in it, this had bruised the piston and ovaled it and also scored a bore. I bought another donor vehicle (the kid had put the main shells in wrong so was still knocking) and the head on that was also cracked. Parts are slightly more expensive than a five (head gasket 100) . I had mine for a year in london, it didn't over heat and surprised a few M3 drivers off the mark....With the replacement cat down pipe it sounded amazing especially at 7000 rpm. Check out camskill for parts etc they are pretty good. The people in the club (gttioc) are also good for spares/advice.

There is loads you can do to them, was planning to fit the ecu tubo and a fouth injector from a mk1 mazda 323 before mine was written off. There was an article in retro car magazine from a couple of years ago and this is the best way to get cheap power.
Post by: cavsri130 on 12:48, Thu 27 March 2008
its my mate thats selling me it so id like to think it will be fine?!
Title: Re: charade gtti
Post by: jarr5 on 18:52, Fri 28 March 2008
hey my mate has gont a chrade turbo. they are quick cars dont get me rong and they are probs a bit more reliable as they are 12 valve as they only 3 cylinder engines. my mate has nothing but a dump valve and a lightend fly wheel, and he can have 120mph in forth. but at the end of the day you cnat beat the looks of a r5, people say they are unreliable but if u look after them, ie change the oil etc every 3000-6000miles and up rate the head gasket to stop it blowing runing standard boost or jus above will also help this. And i would rekomend a intercooler on no any r5 model uprated if poss. but the later 1s phase to have a watercooled turbo anyway. it like anything if u look after it and when things go rong fix them instead of just leavin them go. then it will b fine. hope that helps u. cheers
Post by: cavsri130 on 08:29, Sat 19 April 2008
i got my charade. its a weapon! not been able to drive it much, few problems with it, its at the bodyshop now. only needed 4 bits of welding done for the test and skim the rear discs, 60 a disc was the cheapest i could fint then theres bearings to go in them. not to worry, hopefully on the road for the end of the month