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Title: black ph2 gtt
Post by: cavsri130 on 06:21, Thu 14 February 2008
im back in the world of 5s. bought one on tuesday night blnd. only went ith what the boy said on the phone and he delivered it in the dark!
silly eh?
well i knew its going to be a project, last on the road '02 but garaged since.
the main thing is that the turbo is n bits in the back seat and the k tec i/c is missing but i knew about them.
the 'new' tyres have cord coming through whch must be a new range of tyre!
it has:
magnex s/s system
gp a carb
alloy carb top
chrome rocker cover
samco hoses
performance plugs and lead
uprated fuel pump
high output alternator
spider valve
low compresion engine with uprated h/gasket
big valve head (reciepts for both)
clifford concept 50 alarm

dont want to start a list of things it needs!
Post by: steves_r5turbo on 08:26, Thu 14 February 2008
sounds like one hel of a project fella good luck
Post by: James5 on 09:54, Thu 14 February 2008
Cough Cough sills :D.

Sounds good matey hopefully be OK
Post by: cavsri130 on 15:27, Thu 14 February 2008
it will be fine...... :?

ill try get it on a ramp soon and see how good/bad she is
Post by: stu_e123 on 21:17, Sun 24 February 2008
if it dont turn out well giz a shout al buy some bits hahahahhaha :lol:
Post by: cavsri130 on 06:30, Mon 25 February 2008
where abouts are you stu? the car is going to the garage this week for a look, see how GOOD she is!!

then im going to fit my red dot brakes, oz superleggras and drop it a bit more. i also have a few thngs to put on after its got an mot  :wink: